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Chiropractic Adjustments & Techniques

Adjustments are therapeutic maneuvers that are intended to wholly or partly correct a subluxation.  An adjustment is carefully controlled in its force, velocity, amplitude, and direction.  A cause and location of a subluxation is determined by careful exam.  Dr Lew utilizes several adjustments and techniques to aid in its healing.  Keep in mind, all treatments are tailored specifically to you and you situation.

Massage & Vibration Therapy

This therapy is beneficial and especially effective just before a chiropractic adjustment. This helps to relieve muscle tension and promotes relaxation.  Massage warms soft tissue making joints pliable so that they can be easily adjusted..  Transverse friction, deep tissue and trigger point therapy are also used.

Heat / Cold Therapy

When used correctly, this can be very effective.  Heat is commonly used for patients who have chronic or long lasting pain to assist in relaxing muscles and increasing circulation. Cold therapy (Cryotherapy) is used as a treatment modality to reduce inflammation while reducing pain.  there are certain conditions that benefit from alternating heat and cold therapy for periods of time.  


Traction is a therapeutic treatment in chiropractic care utilizing axial tension applied to a body segment.  This will help to decompress tight joints and offer relief for many conditions.


Proper nutrition is important for optimal health.  Enhancing your immune system with natural supplements gives your body an extra layer of defense to stay well.  Always consult with your primary care physician prior to adjusting your diet or in the taking of any supplements.

Trigger Point Therapy

This is effective for areas of tightness and irritability in muscle tissue.  Determining where the "trigger points" are will help with with referred pain (pain perceived in a part of the body - away from where the actual pain stimuli is coming from).  Manual pressure, massage and stretching therapy can help release the tension in the trigger point often reducing pain and discomfort.


Out of the range of human hearing, ultrasound is extremely high frequency sound used to speed up the healing of joints, muscles and tendons.  An effective treatment, ultrasound increases blood flow, reduces inflammation and help calm deep seated muscle pain.

Interferential Electrical Muscle Stimulation

This therapy assists in reducing inflammation (swelling), calm tight spastic muscles and reduce pain.  Using 2 or 3 different low current frequencies, penetration is made through the tissue from surface electrodes.  


Orthotics benefits those with foot, heel and ankle pain and discomfort due to walking imbalances or spinal complications.  These painful imbalances can lead to hip and low back pain and dysfunction.  Professional custom Orthotics re-align the foot and ankle to a neutral position restoring natural foot function which alleviates problems in other parts of the body by providing even weight distribution.  

Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise is a series of stretching and/or strengthening maneuvers designed to reduce spasm, balance opposing muscle through stretching and strengthening to correct postural imbalance or functional asymmetry.  Biomechanic evaluations are necessary to determine the proper exercise regimes easing back pain and promoting rehabilitation.  By building muscle strength and learning appropriate stretching, patients increase their ability to heal and reduce their chance of further injury.  Proper stretching for your condition can help prevent scar tissue and adhesion formation following an injury. Exercise also strengthens joints, increases bone density, improves balance, posture and metabolism.  Maintaining a regular stretching program once the rehabilitation stage of treatment has been completed will help keep tissue flexible, increasing mobility and prevent development of new injuries.

Patient Education

Teaching patients how to help themselves - so they live a life of mobility free from pain. Specific health education information includes but not limited to learning safety precautions, ergonomics at home and work, proper lifting techniques, physical conditioning, nutrition, work injury prevention, exercise lifestyle modification, posture training and more.

Wellness Care

Wellness care at LCWC is important.  Just as having regular dental cleaning helps to prevent cavities, the Wellness Program at LCWC helps to maintain proper spinal and joint alignment allowing your body to function optimally.  Based on many factors, Dr. Lew will recommend the frequency in which this should occur.

Diagnostic Tests

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
MRI's are a diagnostic imaging modality that utilizes a magnet field and radio frequency transmission and reception to produce images of the body.  It is especially valuable in visualizing soft tissue.  If Dr. Lew believes that an MRI is required, he will order the test after explaining its need in full detail.

Cat Scan (CT)
CT's are an advanced imaging test that uses radiation, like an x-ray, to see much more detail than an x-ray allows - typically of bony structures.  Again, if Dr. Lew believes that this test is necessary, a full explanation to the patient will be offered.

Lew Chiropractic & Wellness Center (LCWC) is a full service chiropractic clinic with quick and easy X-ray referrals. Only after a thorough exam will Dr. Lew determine if an X-ray is warranted to make the correct diagnosis and so a plan of treatment can be implemented. Only after discussing with the patient will this be conducted.  

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