"After having had my second child, I began experiencing lower back pain.  Although dull, the pain would not subside.  I managed throughout the day with Tylenol and the like but simply could not get comfortable and pain free for a good night's sleep.  On the recommendation from a friend, I made an appointment with Dr. Lew and am so happy I did!  He is always in a great mood and genuinely cares about my well-being.  The staff is also very pleasant and seem happy to see me every time I enter the office.  Not only am I now pain free, I am back to sleeping well at night - when the kids allow!"   - Nicole D.  Freehold, NJ

"I have been pain free for two years now thanks to Dr. Lew.  After a herniation to one of my discs and years of pain that would come and go, I couldn't take the discomfort any longer.  For me, surgery was out of the question - I had heard way too many horror stories regarding back surgery.  From the moment I met Dr. Lew, I felt like I was in good hands (pardon the pun).   My first treatment / adjustment was terrific and something told me that this just might work.  After around the sixth week, I felt so much better and started becoming more active again. I am once again playing tennis with the vigor I once did and am now exercising routinely.  Without a doubt, seeing Dr. Lew has changed my life."   - Edward C.  Howell, NJ

"I was taken to the hospital with neck and shoulder pain after having been involved in a motor vehicle accident where I was struck on the driver's side door.  After the usual tests and follow ups with my family doctor, I was still experiencing tightness in my neck and some shoulder pain when moving it forward.  Never having been to a chiropractor before, I scheduled a visit with Dr. Lew on the advice of friends.  Without exaggeration, my neck felt much better after the very first visit and my shoulder has progressively improved.  I am sold on Dr. Lew and his friendly office staff."  - Patrick A.  Manalapan, NJ

Lew Chiropractic & Wellness Center

"Working with computers for two decades, I would frequently develop pain in my wrist and forearm area.  I took pain killers and often wore a wrist brace for support - it helped from time to time, but not always.  My hand would also go numb and sometimes tingle.  When I walked into Lew Chiropractic and Wellness Center I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly staff that greeted me.  Dr. Lew took his time with me and explained the ways he could help in detail and did not seem rushed.  I appreciated that.  It wasn't long before I started to feel relief and I only continued to get better.  I continue to go back from time to time and have even gone for back discomfort.  If you're looking for the right people to do the right job, stop in and see Dr. Lew, I'm sure he can help."   - Jennifer B.  Marlboro, NJ

"Suffering with chronic back pain as many do, I learned to live with it, or so I thought.  When the pain began to radiate down my leg I knew something was wrong.  I was referred to Dr. Lew and his staff was able to quickly get me an appointment.  I felt welcomed and not treated as just another patient.  Though each visit provided some relief, it was about the two month period when I realized I was no longer having the constant lower back pain and the pain / spasms going down my leg was not returning.  I am moving around so much better now and am even back on the floor playing with my baby girl Amanda.  Even though there are several chiropractic offices closer to my home, I wouldn't go anywhere else.  Thank you!"   - Brielle T.  Millstone, NJ

We are so very pleased with the many success stories our patients have experienced - This is why we come to work each and every day!  Here are just some of those stories and we thank everyone who has taken the time to send them to us.  

"In the last 3 years my headaches have gotten worse and more frequent.  Like others, I thought I was just going to have to live with this.  After some research, my wife and I decided that I should maybe try going to a chiropractor.  Honestly, I came across Dr. Lew and his practice because they were local.  This turned out to be one of the best things I've done.  Nearly immediately - but definately after the first month, my headaches were much less frequent and not nearly as painful.  I am so thankful!"   - John S.  Freehold, NJ